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Millions of Seniors are Looking for Valentine’s Mates Online Every Day

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Seniors Wanting to End Isolation and Find Relationships
Enlist Big Time Helpers in Online Dating Sites

Remember when well-meaning friends wanted to introduce you to a “really wonderful man or woman,” because they didn’t want you to be lonely? Or when you shyly ask friends if they knew anyone single they could hook you up with, maybe even develop a relationship with?

In those days, Valentine’s Day was going to be another lonely day! Self-esteem took a dive. Quality of Life dropped. Even today, a few of these connections might work; the majority don’t.

If you are still thinking those thoughts that your only way to find love is through others, you are out of touch. The entire senior social scramble has been tossed on end, and the internet is your friend! Many of your single friends have overcome fears about computers and the internet and are socializing through their tablet computers or cell phones. And they are finding happiness.

Not counting the many other dating sites, Senior Planet reports that Match.com boasts 2.5 million senior members.

If You Want to Change Your Dating Possibilities,
Get Up to Speed with Online Dating for Seniors

Navigating the world of online dating can be intimidating at first, but it’s a lot easier than you think. The Top 10 Senior Dating Sites can direct you on your way to finding your soul mate in no time.

The site says “Your profile should be a small window into your lifestyle and personality. Think of it as an advertisement that describes who you are and what you are looking for….Choose recent pictures that are flattering but accurate. The ultimate goal of online dating is meeting in person, so it’s important to make your profile as honest as possible without giving away sensitive information.”

Some of you were taught to be careful and not trust everything you hear. You should be wary online. The Internet is global and the world can be dangerous. You avoid bad neighborhoods in real life, and people who lie, so steer away from risky websites on the Internet and do not believe every claim. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Meet in a public place a distance away from home and bring a friend. Always have an exit strategy, and chuck any old-fashioned social protocols that make you think you always should be socially correct. Be polite. But, leave if you suspect things are not what they seem.

Finally, the Top Ten Dating Sites says “when building an online profile, be truthful. Do not pretend to be something false. Otherwise it brings disappointments with the type of dates the profile attracts. If one’s lifestyle is more sedentary than active, let it be known. It applies equally if one’s life is more active than sedentary. Not telling the truth becomes discouraging in that potential dates will not be what you want. If the future possibility of remarrying is on the table or out of the question, tell the truth about that too.”

I will be sharing the experiences of real life seniors who use the online dating services in future posts. They have interesting insights that will be helpful, and probably eye-opening.

From 50 to 600 Kids Fed!

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Community Tackles Quality of Kids’ Lives

When children of low income families face a weekend, their quality of life may suffer. Their school source of healthy food comes to a halt. No so in White Pine County, Nevada, where three concerned community members decided to make a difference in these children’s lives.

Paula Sims, Red Sims and Margaret Bath learned of programs in other towns that met such hunger needs. That was all it took, a great idea made passionate for their community. St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church where Red Sims is priest began laying the foundation for this community action.

The result is the Committee Against Child Hunger (CACH). This community group was formed to provide nutritious “back pack” food supplements to certain White Pine County students for the weekends, giving them a healthy start. From a meager beginning of helping 50 kids to 600 this month, the program grew to a community volunteer effort and is funded by donations.

You Get More Than You Can Imagine

There is nothing quite like helping others who are in difficulties, especially when they have no control over their circumstances. It can make a retirement blossom! Your personal growth awesome! Sometimes you only need to look beyond your own life to see that so much help is needed and what you have to give is really worthwhile to those in need.

CACH is now operated by volunteers and fundraisers in the White Pine community, including support from local businesses like the Robinson Nevada Mining Co. and the White Pine County School District.

The backpacks are packed by high school students and distributed weekly. The backpacks have non-perishable, nutritious food easily prepared by children. School personnel recognize that students do better in school when their bodies are fueled with nutritious food. In some families, weekends can be sparse for nutrition. The backpacks supplement the food prepared in the home.

P.S. Ely, NV has grown its own answers to small communities that fall on difficult economic times, especially communities that lose their business foundations. Check out my post “Personal Growth Through Community Service”. More community development has produced much pride in the community since I wrote that post in 2010. I’ll be telling you all about it in future posts.

Yes, You May Be Angry–Don’t Ruin Your Life Quality/Health!

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Anger Can Destroy Your Quality of Life

When the rage hits, it can seem like you are being swallowed by it! As soon as you can begin to think straight, you know that you need to regain control.

Anger has a way of taking over your life, your thoughts, your well-being–if you let it. The worst time is when you truly feel wronged, when something happens that would make anyone lose their cool, or so you say to ease your pain. Now is the time to take good “selfish” steps to take care of you by breaking the pattern of anger, regaining emotional control, and stopping obsessive preoccupation with what happened.

Yet, it probably seems beyond your ability to gain control in the midst of the storm. This is the time to use all your power to halt negative, replay of events, and turn your energies into saving yourself, in spite of the unfairness, unbelievable events that have stopped you in your tracks!

Regaining Control Takes Relentless Attention to Your Thoughts

Those of us who are cognitive-behavioral therapists rely on you rediscovering the power of your thinking, and we work to focus you on “coming to your senses,” quite literally. Somewhere in your inner wisdom, you know the rage offers no solace, no answer. The quicker you can move from the incessant preoccupation with the circumstance of your rage, the quicker you can move from problem to solution. Take steps to begin using mind-body techniques and controlling tensions. Changing thoughts will require you to be in a mindfulness state; relaxation is a critical step in the process.

Time is on your side; eventually, the obviously destructive nature of rage becomes apparent. It is then that you can work on developing a plan for managing anger and turning it into a more productive endeavor. The starting place is positive thinking!

The Energy of Anger

Numerous well-known psychologists, counselors and physicians have presented dialogues focusing on emotional healing as the path to health. The “mind-body” approach to using your inner wisdom has much proven information to encourage you to take charge of your health and quality of life

Dr. John Rifken, a Boulder, Colorado psychologist, offers a different take on using the energy of anger to heal. He points out that anger’s energy can be used to transform your life and empower you. Granted, it will be necessary for you to get past the rage when it is consuming you and into a place that you can logically talk to yourself. Using cold logic on yourself is important in stopping the rage from taking over.

Dr. Christiane Northrup has long been a voice for womens’ health; however, the overall “mind-body” information she provides is easily applicable to both men and women. The answer to health is recognizing that thoughts and emotions impact your health.

If thoughts and emotions are positive, their effect on the body’s overall health and immune system is positive. Conversely, negative thoughts and emotions disrupt healthy body functioning. You influence your body’s functioning by changing negative thoughts to positive. Granted, the process is more complex; however beginning with awareness and stress relief techniques get the process started. See our last post for specific techniques to help you on your way.

Waste No Time

Call upon your inner wisdom; engage yourself in deciding your most effective plan of action. Spend time and energy in learning what are the triggers and negative thoughts that lead you off track, back into rage, and useless rehashing of the anger situation.

Begin with awareness of negative thoughts by writing them down for a base-line assessment–don’t let your assessment go on too long. Once you have your triggers and negative thoughts, replace them with a list of positive affirmations and force yourself to use your positive thoughts!

The least you need to know:
1. Repeating rage thoughts leads to no good.
2. You can make a change, do it now.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, requires:
1. That you to strictly forbid yourself to think negatively.
2. That you learn positive thought to replace the negative.
3. That you learn stress relief skills from last post.